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In light of the fact that the NSW Government Wills Register is effectively to close (see  http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/wills/wills.htm ) Clients ,Customers and Users now have the option of Nationwide Registration and deposit of their Wills (and other succession and trust/estate planning related documents.) The Register can in fact accept registrations from anywhere whatsoever 

For an Initial Enquiry concerning registration of your Will Please call  (02) 9281 3230/0409813622

email atees@legalexchange.com.au (Contact Alex Tees). Facsimile 02 8088 7172

Level , 1 , 299 Elizabeth St , Sydney NSW 2000    http://www.willregistration.com.au/

Intnl 612 9281 3230/ 61 409813622 SKYPE alextees 


Offices also at


1 Alexandria (1/33 Burrows Rd, Alexandria Tel  (02). 9003 9714 - Appointments Contact Mr Alex Tees


2.Also at Bondi ,Darling Harbour,Brookvale ,Hervey Bay (QLD),Cairns (QLD) by appointment  Please see www.gblegalservices.com & www.grubersbeckett.com.au

Registering your Will with http://www.willregistration.com.au/   &      www.willsregister.com.au is uncomplicated and effective. It is a fact that not being able to locate a Will causes untold distress and the potential financial loss for a family, or beneficiaries. The registration process is to importantly record the location of your Will and its contents. This ensures that if your Will is lost, misplaced or forgotten over the passage of time, the location of it can be identified and at least a certified copy provided.

Why Register - Registering your Will ensures that your Will can be located instantly following your death.

Registering a Will is easy - You will need to know the name of the Lawyer where you made your Will, (if applicable) the date you signed it and the name of the witnesses.

You can send a copy of the Will – Probate can now be obtained much more easily using certified copies if originals cannot be found.

I don't have a Will - ! We can provide you a temporary Will Form by email or Facsimile if necessary .. If you bought one at a Post office or wrote one yourself ..we can arrange to give you a better one ….A Will is the most important document you will ever produce, it protects and distributes your assets in accordance with your wishes.

  • No Will means about three times the angst,expense and time at a time your relatives,children could do without this extra “grief”



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